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5G Internet is the Fifth Generation of Cellular Network. It is being developed to connect Everything and Everyone together with faster Speed and low Latency.

Optical Fiber plays a Revolutionary role in the modern Communication System. Optical Fiber is a medium to transmit light pulses to transfer high-speed data over a few thousands kilometer without major attenuation in the Signal.

Radiation is highly Dangerous and this is the fact we know it as Radiation hazard. Electromagnetic radiation is a life corroding factor developed due to the overuse of smartphones and wireless networks.

Superconductivity is a phenomenon in which Superconducting materials show distinct electrical and magnetic properties than Conductors. Superconductors Show complete disappearance of the Resistance below a certain Temperature

Our modern period is quite faster and easier with various electronic and magnetic devices, the combination of these two give raise to power electronics.

science and Technology are growing our demand for Network connectivity is Also growing. By performing various network connections we need to analyze our Network Structure.

Remote sensing and Remote control technology sounds too good when you think of Handling any electronic device sitting far away from it. The innovative technology of remote signal processing and remote sensing ruling the entire universe.

A fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy of Hydrogen and Oxygen without and complicated industrial process. Fuels cells are highly efficient than our traditional Thermal power plants and other combustions equipment producing electricity for us.

Since from The Beginning of Space Technology, Rockets are proving the only Means of Transportation in the Space or say to Various Orbits in the Space to Place Our Innovative Satellites.