What is History ?

What is History ?

History is the Study of Past and Interpretation of Mankind Chronology. History is an English word which is derived From the Greek word 'historia' which means Research, Inquiry, or Investigation. Thus Historia is the Knowledge acquired by Investigation and Research.

In the Context of History, Historians are like a detective who follows every traces left by our ancestors and Human being in the past. They collect every possible thread, evidence, and clue that survived the harsh time of History for thousands of Years. Historical Sources like stone tools, sculptures, ornaments, pictures, Manuscripts, etc give information about the events of past time.

History is an adventurous journey to the development of mankind from the beginning of civilization to the present time. History tells us how our present evolved. It tells the past of the present Society.

The Great Greek Historian of the world, 'Herodotus (484 BC - 425 BC)' is known as the father of History. He contributed most of his life to history. he wrote the book, "The Histories" in 430 BC. In his book, he shared more about the Greco-Persian War (498BC - 448BC)

Another Great historian of the world was Leopold Von Ranke ((1795 AD - 1886 AD) is known as the father of Modern History. He said that the task of the historian is to Describe the past as it actually was.

An English Historiography Edward Hallett Carry (1892 AD -1982AD) expressed his thought about History as "History is an unending dialogue between past & Present". He divided Facts into two Categories, "Facts of the Past" and "Historical Facts".

Friedrich Hegel, the German Philosopher and most important figure in German Idealism expressed his thoughts about History as, "History repeats itself". Further, Karl Marx a German historian & revolutionary extended this quote as, "History repeats itself, first as tragedy & Second as Farce".

History gives us an account of all the past events of not only Rulers but also about Peasants, Civillians, Children, Women, Animals, and their culture, language, and Civilization. Hence, it would be not wrong to say that, "History is the logbook of Mankind from the beginning of Human beings".