AD and BC Calendar Dating System

What is Dating System ?

The date is a unique Identification of any day or Event in the Past, or in the future. It is represented in the form of day, Month, and Year. It started with the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Founder of Christianity.

To Point an Event in History We Need a System of Dating. AD and BC Dating System helps us to do So. BC is the acronym of Before Christ. That means any date Before the Birth of Jesus Christ is Known as Before Christ and it is Denoted by BC. Similarly, any Date which is after the birth of Jesus is denoted as AD or Anno Domini. It is a Latin word that means In the Year of Lord Jesus. Hence, dating starts with the birth of Jesus Christ and counted Forward from 0 AD as 1 AD, 2 AD, 3 AD, and so on.

The Date Before the Birth of Jesus Christ is counted backward as 63 BC, 62 BC, 61 BC, and So on. For Example, if Someone asks you, "which Year came First 12BC or 18 BC ?" You may go with 12 BC but, the right answer would be 18BC because BC represents Before the Birth of Christ so, it has been counted in the Backward Direction and 18BC comes first then 12BC appeared in the Chronology.

Other Calendars that are in Use

  • Gregorian calendar
  • Gregorian Calendar is the most Popular Candender system in the World. It was Introduced in 1582 AD by Roman Pope Gregory-XIII. It is Modified Form of Christian Calender.

  • Pawukon calendar
  • Pawukon Calendar Calendar is a complex Calendar to Understand. It has 210 Days in a year and 10 concurrent Weeks. It is used by Indonasian on Bali Island.

  • Chinese calendar
  • It is used by the Chinese and his neighboring i.e Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. It is a type of Lunar Calendar. One Year of Chinese Calender has 12 months of alternatively 29 and 30 Days.

  • Ethiopian calendar
  • This is the main Calendar used by Ethiopians.  The Ethiopian calendar is a Solar Calendar. A Year of the Ethiopian calendar has 12 months of 30 days with five or six Epagomanal Days.

  • Jewish calendar
  • It is also a Lunar Calender which means, its month starts with the new Moon. This calendar is native to Israel however they have adopted the Gregorian calendar. they use C.E. (Common or Christian Era), and B.C.E. (Before the Common Era) instead of BC and AD. 

  • Hijri calendar
  • It is also a lunar calendar. The Other names of Hijri Calender are Islamic calendar or Muslim calendar. this calendar reckoned from the Hegira in 622 A.D

  • Julean calender
  • Julean Calendar was Introduced by Roman King Julius Caesar in 46 BC. It was a Reform of the Roman Calendar. Christian Calendar is the Modified form of Julean Calender.

  • Saka calendar
  • Saka calendar is India's National Calendar. It has 12 months. This calendar is also used in other parts of the world like Bali, Java & Indonesia. Twelve months of Saka Calendar are :

    Twelve Months of India National Calendar