Know Everything about 5G Technology !

What is 5G Technology ?

5G Internet is the Fifth Generation of Cellular Network. It is being developed to connect Everything and Everyone together with faster Speed and low Latency.

Earlier Generations of cellular Network 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE worked fine to connect people all over the World. Today We Need much faster Internet and Bandwidth for newly Developed Technologies like High-Quality Video Streaming and High-End Online gaming.

5G Internet Technology offering us Higher Download speed and Lower Latency. 5G will help us to connect all Industrial and Smart IOTs in the Real-Time with a latency of 1ms. Self Driving Cars, Cloud Gaming, and Remote Surgery will be possible with 5G Internet Technology.
5G Technology

Compared to 3G and 4G LTE, 5G will be 10 to 20 Times Faster on millimeter Radio Wave. 5G will use Very High-Frequency Band nearly at 28 GHz to connect wireless devices. Generally, Satellites also use this band to transfer data between base-stations.

5G has a Whole lot of Scope to provide much Greater Speed up to 20 GB/s but Currently, In 33 Developed Countries and Cities of the World like the USA, UK, China, and Dubai have started 5G Internet Service at a Peak Speed of 1.5 GB/s which is quite faster than our 4G LTE.

5G Internet Technology uses High-Frequency Band also Known as millimeter Wave. We know higher the Frequency Lesser the Range and Significantly our 5G Technology will have to Smartly manage the drawback of millimeter-wave. mm-Waves can not travel well Through buildings and obstacles. The signal can be easily absorbed by the plants or obstacles. Rains and Clouds can also attenuate the 5G Cellular Signals which drastically affect the Speed of 5G Internet.

To overcome this issue 5G Technology uses small Cell Towers at a lesser distance, unlike 4G Cell Towers. 4G Cell Towers uses 2.1 GHz In which Signal Attenuation is not much. They Broadcast high power nearly 20W Radio Signal which covers a radius of several miles. 5G cell Towers will use Technologies like Beamforming and MIMO to improve the efficiency and Bandwidth of the 5G network.

Many Smartphone Companies have already Launched 5G Smartphones and are available in the market.
Environmental Issues Due to 5G Wireless Technology seems somehow concerning due to the use of Very High-Frequency Band of Electromagnetic Spectrum. There are no major issues due to millimeter-wave as it is not part of the Ionizing E.M Spectrum. Moreover, you can Read a Detailed Article on Radiation Hazard due to Wireless networks.
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