Classification of Satellites !

What are Satellites ?

Satellites are really amazing things and have their own world in space, which innovated the world. You all know what a satellite is so, you are here to know it quite better than earlier. You also know where satellites are used and their diverse utility in this innovative world. Satellites are those celestial or artificial bodies that go around any other celestial body like the sun, planets, stars etcetera. In this short session, I am not going to mention the stuff which you all know since your primary classes. I am just going to talk about artificial satellites those satellites or electronic devices that revolve around celestial bodies generally the earth, Moon, Mars, and the Sun because our hands are yet quite far from the whole universe. Satellites are classified according to their application as those satellites which are used for communication purposes are called communication satellites similarly satellited used for astronomical observations are termed as astronomical satellites. In this way, satellites are classified into these different types

What are Astronomical satellites ?

These satellites are generally launched for astronomical observations and so it is obvious that they contain large telescopes as the payload. They provide a lot of data for weather and forecasting. Also, they are used to observe the internal events of other planets and galaxies.

What are communication satellites ?

As the name, it suggests that communication satellites are launched in space for communication purposes and they are responsible for radio retransmission using the transponders and repeaters on the payloads of communication satellites Navigational satellites. Hope in the era of the 21st century you might have used GPS and hopefully, Navigational satellites are launched for this purpose. They are responsible for our navigation of various types of Aircraft, Spacecraft, and even modern vehicles. Also today we are using our smartphones for this purpose.

What are Biosatellites ?

Biosatellites are similar to other satellites that commit various space expeditions for researches in the extreme environment of space. Bio satellites contain various living creatures, plants, and a group of scientists who observe the development and changes happing in those creatures in the zero gravity and other extreme conditions of deep space.

What are Crewed satellites ?

Crewed Satellites are used to placed and also De-orbitalize Crew Members and other scientists safely in the various orbits of space for their researches in specific conditions. Hopefully, I can say that if you are a resident of any country but know the Columbia disaster in which all seven crew members of the space shuttle sacrificed their life. carrying living beings in space is risky but crewed Satellites also called space suttle, are responsible for carrying scientists and important backup for other existing space expeditions.

What are Space stations ?

Generally, Crewed Satellites are launched with fewer resources and few crew members in space, and also the expedition terminated within few weeks but certainly for long term expeditions space stations are constructed in low earth orbit or ever in other orbits of space. Space stations are quite large in size and so they are installed in parts and the International Space Station (ISS) is one like them which was paced in orbit in 1998 and till today it is working under the United Kingdom and Russia.

There is a long list of satellites on the basis of utility but, these are some important types of satellites that are now used to stabilize and fulfill the demands of this human society. You may guess the application of these satellites just with his name.

What are Subsystems of a Satellite ?

Subsystems of a satellites satellites are quite a smart thing made by scientists to serve civilization. A satellite consists of six different subsystems for well functioning. All these six subsystems make a satellite with the best functionality 

Telemetry subsystems

Telemetry subsystem is something irrespective according to the respective nomination. Telemetry subsystem is used to establish control over each part of the satellites from the earth or say control center. A single instruction given to a satellite is monitored by the control center.

Structural subsystems

The Structural subsystem deals with the overall mechanical integrity of the Satellite. It ensures that all components of the Satellite and Payloads are supported Firmly so that they can Withstand the extreme jerks during Lauching and also smooth Operation in the Space.

Power subsystem

This Subsystem is the Most Important Part of a satellite placed in orbit. It deals with the entire Power segment of the Satellite. It manages how Solar-Cells, Batteries should be operated so that Parts of Satellite Will get Powered.

Thermal control subsystem

Since In Space, some Place is Literally Freezing Cold and Somewhere is boiling hot. This Subsystem make Sure that each Section of Payload in a Satellite gets its optimum working temperature.

Altitude and orbit controllers

The Altitude and Orbit control subsystem is quite important to keep a Satellite in a specific orbit and orient the direction of the Transponder and Antennas in the desired direction. The orientation of a satellite is monitored and changed using small thrusters and motors with inertial discs. whenever a satellite changes its orientation or orbit these subsystems detect small malfunction and activates themselves or they are triggered by the satellite control lab from the earth to fix their Trajectory.

Communication Equipment

Transponders, Antennas & Repeaters are the main part of the Communication segment in a Satellite. The Communication equipment ensures the processing of Transmitted and Received Signals with the components.

How do Satellites End ?

In high earth orbit, there are no significant aerodynamical forces to change the orbit of the satellite, but solar Radiation, gravitational forces due to the Sun, Moon, and other celestial bodies become sufficient to deviate the actual path of the satellite. The end of the satellites comes when any of the above subsystems fail in their operation because there is no profitable way to repair those malfunctioning satellites and so the satellite masters De-orbitalze them to safe orbit also called Debris orbit. In this way, the operation of a satellite comes to an end.