Network Analysis By Wireshark & WiFi Signal Strength Meter.

How to Analyze Wireless Network ?

As science and Technology are growing our demand for Network connectivity is Also growing. By performing various network connections we need to analyze our Network Structure. This is how Network Analysis comes to power the whole Networking Structure.

In this article, we will learn to Analyze our Local network with few popular Network analyzers like Wireshark, Nmap & Network Analyser. We will find Open ports of our local machines  and we will also learn how to terminate them to prevent any Cyberattack. We will also use a basic Wi-Fi signal strength measuring tool which is called Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter. We will demonstrate how our internet works and how data transfer between two wirelessly connected devices take Place.

  • Setting Up Environment for Network Analysis

Before we go to Network analysis firstly you need to set-up basic software into your Laptop or desktop, whatever it is. You will be also required a Smartphone so that we can transfer Data between our laptop and the smartphone. I have installed those Softwares on my PC so you may like to install or just come to read this Article and the Embedded Demonstrative Video. 
Now we are ready to Install the Softwares which will help to Understand, " How Intenet Works and" and also it will help us in understanding, "what is going to our networking Devices".
The first Software which we will use in this Demonstrative purpose is Wireshark. You need to go to the official website of Wireshark which is install any compatible version of the software to your Personal Computer and then you are ready to go with it. Another Software which is to be installed into your Smartphone which will help us to Understand the Local Connectivity. we can use any software even our inbuild feature of Our smartphone to test the Bandwidth however, we will use Wi-Fi signal Strength tool because of its great look.

Now you have to create Local Hotspot into our PC so that you can connect your Smartphone to the Local network of your computer through the Wi-Fi. we will also try to share some data through this network and further we will analyze this network by the software we Installed Earlier. Now take a look at the images of the software we installed.

This is the image of our Network Analyzer, "Wireshark". In this Image, You can find the Layout of Wireshark. In this image, a list of Networking adapters connected to my Laptop is visible and also it is showing some up and down line which shows some networking process is happening to our Device. This tool will help us to view the processes deeply.

Another software that was installed on our smartphone will help us to check the Bandwidth of the Wi-Fi signal and also the IP address of the network shared by our Laptop. Now after establishing a connection we will share our files from our Mobile device to the Laptop and see into the Wireshark, what is happening to our connection.
You will notice a long list of Characters and Digits. Actually, thay are information about our devices and the data being shared through the network.
In that list, you will find the IP address and the information about the packets. Now, this is time to analyze that list. That long list of which is showing on our Display is nothing but the packets captured by Wireshark. If you will analyze that information then you will get some important information about your network devices. The list contains the IP Adderesses by which you can gat more information about those devices. Also, You can get the Geographical location of that device which is currently using that IP Address.