How Rockets Travel Such Far Distances, Know it In Scientific Way ?

How Rockets Work ?

Since from The Beginning of Space Technology, Rockets are proving the only Means of Transportation in the Space or say to Various Orbits in the Space to Place Our Innovative Satellites.

The Concept seems Much Simple  But If you are learning any such Course then You might Know How Complex Is to Launch a Rocket to transport satellites in Intended Orbits In Space.

You need not worry about the concepts of Rocket Science. Think Satellite is a Passenger which need to be placed at any specific height of the space. Rockets will act as the transportation and Finally, the Satellite will be placed in the intended orbit after a long journey of Few thousand miles.

Irrespective of our journey a Rocket has to be controlled very precisely with very advanced Real-Time Systems. Classical Physics help the Scientists to determine the associated Kinematics and Dynamics of a Rocket.

The associated Law with Rocket Propulsion is mainly based on the Principle of Conservation of Momentum. A Rocket is designed such that it carries Satellites weighing a few thousand kilograms and also Fuels to Drive it against Gravity.

This is an image of Rocked whichh is named as GSLV MKIII by Indian Space Research Organisation. Here this image is used to demonstrate how a satellite is launched and how they travel such far distance
In the above picture, you will get the real image of a powerful rocket named GSLV MK-III. It was designed by ISRO and it is a Multistage Rocket. In order to escape a Rocket from the earth's gravitational field, it needs to gain a minimum velocity of 11.2 Km/s which is difficult to Gain such a high velocity with lakhs of kilograms of Propelleents and payloads, hence multistage Rockets are designed to gain the required velocity.

In multistage Rockets when the first stage is ignited, it takes the Rocket with payload to some height and provides some velocity hence some momentum. When the fuel of the first chamber is completely burnt out the empty Fuels containers which are termed as Dead Weight are detached to the free space and at the same instant the 2nd stage provides further acceleration and this process is Continued till the Rocket approach the desired height.