How important is power electronics ? know it well to understand Electromagnetism Better

What is Power Electronics ?

We always feel curious to know how any power electronics works and what priciples of science is required to apply to design it in best way.

Our modern period is quite faster and easier with various electronic and magnetic devices, the combination of these two give raise to power electronics.

In this article I will let you study about various historical steps taken to develop today's advanced technologies in electromagnetism which acts as base for modern power electronics.

Emergence of electromagnetism

In 1820 Oersted discovred that any current currying wire produces magnetic field around themselves. That was the first step in the field of modern Electromagnetism. Now this principe of science is used to carry out various operations in modern researches. He also found that the magnetic flux density i.e magnetic field depends upon current the magnitude of current flowing through the wire. As the magnitude of current in the wire increses the strength of magnetic field also increses.

They also found that the magnitude of magnetic field decreases linearly as the distance between the wire and that point increases where magnetic field is to be determined.

He calculated general formula to calculate magnetic flux density (B) near any current carring wire.

After six years that means in 1826 Ampere quantified the relationship between the current and Magnetic field which today plays an important role while measuring magnetic field produced due to current carring wires.

After Ampere, Michel faraday in 1831 discovere that changing magnetic field in any closed loop cause flow of current linked by that changing magnetic field .

today these laws act as the building block of  modern electronic power circuits. These laws established the relationship between electricity and magnetism and gave rise to electromagnetism.

Maxwell unified all the above laws in form of Maxwell equations which is now used diversly in modern electrical engineering.

Why power Electronics is important

Power electronics is the most important technology for modern energy conversion system which is performed by Inductors and Transformers.
All the power electronics converters  have the primary component as Transformers and inductors, the transformer transfers the power while Inductors for energy storage.

I hoep you are fimiliar with transformers and Inductors. transformers are used to Step up or Step down the voltage while decreasing and increasing the current in the circuit respectively but keeping the power transfer same if the Transformer is ideal. Hereafter the important role of  transformers start in power electronics for transmission on electricity, Basic component in the electronics to rectify the current with the help of diodes, voltage stabilization and in much more general things.

Inductors are similar to those solenoids which you might have studied in your earlier school lectures, but for best performence of Inductors in power circuits those hollow solenoids are binded over ferromagnetic materials to increse thier Inductance.

Inductors are  devices which stores energy in form of magnetic fields rather than electric field like Capacitors. These Inductors are used in circuit to resist the change in current flowing through the circuit.
whenever electric current in the curcuit tend to increase or decrease an EMF is produced in the circuit and always opposes to increase or decrease the constant current.

Power electronics plays an important role in our daily life for our requirement of electricity as oprobably we can not afford to loose the power electronic devices in this 21th Century otherwise our life will be like just ruin.