What is Radiation Hazard ?

What is Radiation Hazard ?

Radiation is highly Dangerous and this is the fact we know it as Radiation hazard.
Electromagnetic radiation is a life corroding factor developed due to the overuse of smartphones and wireless networks. They are now a great concern to Environmentalists. You may hear about radiation, actually, in the entire world, electromagnetic radiation is present. In this post, I am just going to make you aware of it. I will let you know the most dangerous effects of electromagnetic radiation on living beings. I am not horrifying you, I just want to make you aware of it's worst effect on our health.

Actually, I am not just telling on, I observed it when I was introduced to the wireless network and health threats. There I got survey data related to it. Also, a lot of researches had been committed over it. Also, the World health organization warned about the 24×7 hours electromagnetic radiation. Also, they took strict decisions to reduce it earlier, But they are only limited to telecommunication companies. We never got any news related to it. The Indian government also can't establish overpressure to these companies because they acquire billions of money by auction of that E.M spectrum.

You may wonder to know only for certain Electromagnetic frequency range, that means for those radiation factors telecommunication companies pays billions of money. Actually, telecom companies register for the bandwidth for a certain period of time to perform various types of functions to earn from us. They provide us wireless calling, data connectivity, SMS services, and many more. Even they provide D2H services. For these purposes, they use cell phone towers.
 Hereafter the hazard of radiation starts. The cellphone towers emit very strong electromagnetic radiation to establish connections with our smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. Our devices also emit a certain amount of radiation to make a connection with it.

HowRadiation Affect Us

In between cellphone towers and our gadgets we suffer a lot, the radiation acts on our body in the same way as a microwave oven acts on the water molecules and food kept inside it. You might not know the working principle of Microwave oven but you know it well how they act on the food. In the same way Electromagnetic radiation actually they are similar to those microwaves, acts on our whole body to warm up our body. Hey, are you thinking I will not lose more due to heating? Yes, you are right to a certain extent but this radiation also shows non- thermal effect in which electromagnetic radiation interacts with our Neurons of the brain to destroy it. They alter electrical pulses of the brain to disturb coordination with the body. 
Another non-thermal effect of E.M radiation is interaction with D.N.A. They destroy them to decrease the number of D.N.A, ultimately the cell damages, and hence those internal damaged cells cause tumors of cancer.
This is not any hypothetical term. A lot of researches & surveys found that person who exposes this radiation for longer periods, they were found suffering from tumors of cancer. A lot of cases have been registered after the beginning of wireless communication.
Many other health issues like infertility in women, Headache, Dizziness, Depression, sleeplessness, and many other threatening diseases are due to these radiations.

What to do to save us from Radiation?

Now we after knowing it we must think to save us from this dangerous radiation. Firstly think, can you left using your Smartphones or laptops? The answer is quite simple, never. So what to do? We have the only option to reduce the use of our gadgets because our gadgets have nearly the capacity of emitting 1W power radiation. While those single cellphone towers emit nearly 20-25W power. Take a reference, microwave ovens cook food at nearly 500 watts. It is low but, what if any building has a significant number of towers on a single spot. Also, this is common in metropolitan cities.
So you can save yourself from these towers only keeping yourself away from it as much as possible. Use your Smartphones & laptops with cable connections instead of wireless networks. You should just decrease the use of smartphones, laptops, and other similar gadgets. Another thing you can use smartphones with low SAR (Specific absorption rate) values. With these major precautions, you can just reduce the effect of radiation but can't eliminate it.

I shared you all this information after the lecture of professor Girish Kumar Department of Electrical engineering Mumbai. Go to him to his channel to give him a big appreciation.

Ultimately I also want to summarize so that Radiation hazard can be understood in a precise way. In this complete article we showed what is electromagnetic radiation, how it affects our health, and how can we save us from Radiation hazard.

Hope this article really helped you to know about the real effect of the radiation in which we today surviving. The only way to get rid of it depends only upon our choices, whether we want to continue like today or reduce the use of Electromagnetic radiation-emitting devices.